036 – Fantasy (WMV SD)

Vicky begins with a shy confession to her boyfriend detailing his fantasy to have her a little wilder in bed. She agrees to give it a try. Much to his surprise she adopts a dominant attitude by delivering some knees, grabs, and kicks straight to his balls. She enjoys the feeling of power as he falls to his knees, so she delivers even more accurate kicks with her cute black pointed toed pumps. Much to her amusement she decides to grab and hand crush her boyfriend’s balls. She reminds him of his long calls to other female friends and tells him that now is the time to pay – he’s driven by fear of what will happen next. She wants to surprise him with her attacks so that he can’t prepare himself for the pain. She delivers some fantastic shots with her elbow right where she knows it will have maximum effect. Kicking his balls from behind, hand crushing action… This goddess knows exactly how to make a man suffer.More videos in Ballbusting Pleasures