Ebony Ballbusting

Mistress Juliette de Sade – Boot Ball Busting Punishment (HD wmv)

Lie down slave – I need a foot stool. Mistress places her feet on the slave and tramples on his cock and balls with one foot and nipples with the other. Now worship my boots slave. Thats all your worth – boot licking, youre not allowed to go any higher. What are you doing? Your hood is falling off. Tie it at the back. If you tied it at the back it wouldnt fall off! You are wasting my time slave!. Mistress kicks him in the balls. Do not waste my time again. The slave gets another kick in the balls. Come here, come closer. Mistress Juliette lashes out again. The slave collapses, sobbing and wailing. You disappoint me slave. No you are not allowed to lick my boots, crawl off over there and face the wall.