Bbw Ballbusting

Pantyhose ballbusting (Monica)

MONICA, the blonde bbw, is wearing black fashion pantyhoses and she’s sexier and more brutal than ever in this ballbusting clip in which she dishes out litterally dozens of brutal kicks to the slave’s groin. We can admire her superb voluptuous body while she relentlessly throws out vicious kicks after vicious kicks as we can hear the thumping sound each time one of her foot crashes loudly on his balls. And when he falls on the floor after a series of nasty kicks she barely gives him very few precious seconds to recuperate before resuming the kicking with another volley of brutal shots. This dream bbw keeps attacking his balls, again and again, until the sub, lying flat on the floor in agonizing pain, can’t take his punishment anymore and begs Monica to stop hitting him.HARDCORE BALLBUSTING, BBW, MONICAPlease visit “Shoe Store Divas”clips4sale studio