Penis Plug

POV Sounding your Pain is My Pleasure CBT Makes Mistress Cum

I get off so much on plugging My boyfriend’s cock! First I get his cock all worked up and fuck his head up on *****. He sniffs and his cock twitches with excitement! I have many plugs that I tease him with while feeding him more *** sitting on the bed in My lingerie between his legs, watching his cock twitch for Me… finally choosing my favorite long shiny one. I know his cock can take it! I get him so fucked up on *** having him sniff and inhale under My instruction, slowly rub lube over the tip of the sound while teasing his cock then I’m ready to plug him so I reach for his cock and insert the sound until he’s plugged, and it gets Me so worked up that I take out My vibrator and play with Myself, one hand holding the sound in his cock, riding My vibrator until I cum- his pain is My pleasure!! I’m not wearing panties and I just couldn’t stand watching his cock with that sexy plug denying his orgasm without cumming Myself and I ride and grind against the vibrator while holding him tightly plugged. He loves to get high and let Me have total control of his cock and it turns Me on infinitely! I love exploring the inside of his cock with My medical urethral sounding device knowing that his entire body belongs to Me and plugging up the hole is such a fucking turn-on. His cock is hard and eager and hungrily eats the sound right up. I know it turns him on to be denied and used for My medical play and cock exploration because he obediently sniffs round after round of **** and allows Me to use his cock for My own selfish desires. I have an explosive orgasm riding My vibrator while keeping one hand firmly holding the sound in his cock so he can’t cum himself, denying his orgasm while I enjoy Mine! (This clip is a re-release of one of My personal favorites & contains elements of: cbt, urethral sounding, masturbation, orgasm control, orgasm denial, tease & denial, femdom, vibrator, mistress, bdsm, bondage, cock control, , coerced intox, POV sounding, cockteasing ,penis plug, medical fetish, masturbation, mind fuck)