Body Busting

Worthless Roommate – Angel Lee WMV

Angel Lee is angry that Scott Torvea doesn’t have rent money but is partying with friends. He slaps her ass and she shoves him to the chair where she sits on his lap and punches his face. She scolds him and throws him to the floor where she pulls down her yoga pants for some face sitting (POV and 3rd person). Twerking her ass, she smothers and takes his breath away. His cries for help are muffled by her big booty as she humiliates him.Pulling him up, she goes back to punching him (3rd person & Point of view). A small slow motion section of her ass while hitting is lost to Scott’s lecherous eyes. Sitting on his stomach, she punches for a long stretch despite Scott laying limp on the floor.OTHER KEYWORDS- punching,  bodybusting,  smothering, pawg, twerking, whooty, white booty, big butts, yoga pants, spandex, blondes, big tits, barefoot, knockouts, beatdowns, barefisted fighting, face sitting, ass smothering, female domination, humiliation@AngelLeeCustomsThis was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at AngelLeeInfo at y a h o o d o t com